Richard King and Richard King Testamentary Trust to Jonathan King, Madison, 5.46 acres, exempt.

Bryan Martindale to Gregory Rutter and Julie McCoy, Clayton, 5.24 acres, $41,920.

Sheriff William Barker, Denise Warner and Shawn Morrison to Steven Simmons, Hopewell, 48.383 acres. $353,000.

Charles Dutiel to Albert Siemer, Monroe, Lots 392 and 393, $4,000.

Gwendolyn Tabler to Shon Vanoy, Crooksville, Lot 339, exempt.

Georgia and Dean Smith to Keith Davis, Harrison, 1 acre, $18,000.

Trent and Meagen Howell to Hunter Hardy, Thorn, 5.156 acres, $155,000.

Joshua and Diana Anderson to Benjamin McDonald, Madison, 5.2 acres, $198,500.

Pamela Sullivan to Aaron and Hannah Storts, Jackson, 4.431 acres, $150,000.

James Gee to Joyce Gee, Reading, exempt.

Reta Skaggs to 397 LLC, Thorn, 3.252 acres, $39,500.

Richard and Contance Wilkins to Richard and Constance Wilkins, Hopewell, 1.271 acres, exempt.

JP Morgan Chase Bank to Larry Miller, Crooksville, Lot 24, $18,750.

Larry Miller to Larry and Marcy Miller, Crooksville, Lot 24, $112,500.

Stephanie and Frank Bever to Daniel and Ashleigh Cain, Clayton, 1 acre, $150,000.

Kathy Russell to John Robinson, New Lexington, Lot 1596, $96,000.

Michael Davis to Elenora Anderson, Thornville, Lot 89, $384,000.

Thomas and Barbara Crowder to Kody Siemer, Harrison, .25 acres, $35,400.

David and Janet Riggs to Jeanette Haynes, Reading, 2 acres, $110,000.

Rona Homes LLC to Paul and maria Miller, Hopewell, 2 acres, $197,000.

Heather and Bobby Richmond and Heather Litton to Bobby and Heather Richmond, Pleasant, Lots 150,151, 152 and 153, exempt.

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