Jocelyn Phillips to Jocelyn and Donald Phillips, Reading, 23.83 acres, exempt.

John Smith to Samuel and Laura Yoder, Madison, 24.4 acres, $125,000.

Wilma Wilson and Brian Spring to Ricky and Marsha Smith, Harrison, 1.3 acres, $2,200.

Daniel and Michael Scaggs to Amanda and Jonathan Delong, Harrison, Lots 12,13 and 11, exempt.

Value Auto Actions LLC to Kenny Atkins, Crooksville, Lot 92, $1,000.

Variety Investments to Marissa McCord, New Lexington, $90,000.

Kelly and Christopher Sagan and Kelly Mathias to Joshua Gaitten and Danielle Kidwell, Reading Lot 24, $195,000.

Thomas and Terra Hammond and Terra Burns to Jamey and Brittany Brannon, Harrison, $231,500.

Melissa Walters, Susan Bentley and Sheriff William Barker, New Straitsville, Lot 168, $5,782.

Earl and Jennifer Purvis to James and Susan Rainey, Junction City, exempt.

Teresa Walters to Brian and Cindy Walters, Harrison, .83 acres, $55,000.

William and Erin Walters to Briand and Cindy Walters, Harrison, 1.43 acres, $25,000.

Jonathan Green and Elizabeth Miron to Randall and Darlene Ogle, Thorn, Lot 75, $249,500.

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