Judge Luann Cooperrider


Paul Penrod, New Lexington, attorney: Joseph A. Flautt, Esq.

Bonnie L. Hall, New Straitsville, attorney: G. Drew. Rolston, Esq.

Mary M. Emmert, Somerset, attorney: Joseph A. Flautt, Esq.

Elaine M. Matson, Thornville, attorney: Joseph A. Flautt, Esq.


Jason William Newlong, Somerset, to Kaylle Nicole McCabe, Somerset.

Riley Lee Poe, Waseca, to Niki Michelle Juberian, Waseca,

Court News

Judge Cooperrider heard one name change, two guardianships and one civil trust hearing. Judge Cooperrider performed two weddings this week.

Judge Cooperrider attended the Active Transportation meeting where work continues to pursue biking, walking, hiking and healthy plans for sidewalks, and a master plan for active transportation for Perry County.

Judge Cooperrider signed one search warrant for law enforcement this week.

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