Theodore, William, and Emma Quinn to James Barclay, Reading, $82,000.

Toby and Amanada Burdette to John Kistler, Thorn, 5.2 acres, $95,700.

Justin and Teddy Frame to Kevin Jackson, Madison, 1 acre, $103,000.

James and Ilene King to James and Ilene King, Thorn, lot 76, exempt.

Adcock Family Enterprises LLC to Coleman McCoy, Reading, 113 acres, $99,030.

Kathy and Charles Owen Jr. to Trisha and Brad Moorehead, Thorn, lot 123, $125,000.

Robert and Meagan Bates to Ryan and Mary Sprague, Reading, 1 acre, $228,000.

Colin and Jerrica Poling to Tyler and Kelli Poling, Hopewell, 21 acres, $70,000.

Moline Management Co. LTD, to Eric Blackburn, Thorn, 2.7 acres, $64,900.

Casey Henderson to Drew Cremeans, Reading & Somerset, 0.2 acre, $76,500.

Malcolm and Dianne Boyd to Brian and Susan Altier, Pike, 0.9 acre, $3,496.

Brian and Susan Altier to Malcolm and Dianne Boyd, Pike, 6.3 acres, $22,067.

Kathryn and Charles Owen Jr. to Jason and Amber Daly, Thorn, lots 13-24, exempt.

Patricia and Allen Forgrave Jr. to Jennifer Forgrave, Crooksville, lot 474, exempt.

Shirley Paynter to Shirley Paynter and Kyle Hoover, Madison, 13 acres, exempt.

Cynthia Dennis, Garry and Lila Allen to Tommy and Cynthia Dennis, Bearfield, exempt.

Neil, Toni, Ralph, and Mary Morris to Jessica and William Vansickle, Clayton, $42,000.

James and Audra Dishon to James and Janie Dishon and Linda Sinift, Saltlick, exempt.

Amy Klingler and David Joslin to Federal National Mortgage Association, Bearfield, 7 acres, exempt.

Beth Berry to Lakewood Farms Inc., Pike, 11 acres, $28,600.

Steven and Katrina Abram to Shay Horn, Jackson, 48 acres, $128,000.

Aaron and Katlin Locke to Christina and Jeremiah Kennedy, Thorn, $195,000.

Barbara Penwell, Rick Kigar, Kigar Realty & Auction, to Bank of New York Mellon and Cit Mortgage Loan Trust, Junction City, lots 237-238, $40,000.

Eric and Renea Barrowman to Eric Barrowman, Pike, 37 acres, exempt.

Robert and Lou Ann Travis to Lou Ann Travis, Thorn, lot 29, exempt.

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