Mark and Sherri Evans to INI Homes LLC, Junction City, Lots 164 and 165, $10,000.

Joanne Krejci to James Thorp Jr., New Lexington, Lot 186, $18,000.

Cynthia Shuster and Ruth Johnson Revocable Living Trust to Cynthia Shuster, Reading, exempt.

Cynthia Shuster and Johnson Ruth Revocable Living Trust to Kristie and Angela Hammond, Thorn, 3.98 acres, exempt.

Cynthia Shuster and Ruth D Johnson Revocable Living Trust to Andrew Johnson, Thorn, exempt.

Michael and Mike Kane to Michael Kane Trust, Reading, 9.64 acres, exempt.

Michael Flautt to Michael Flautt Trusts, Somerset, Reading and New Lexington, exempt.

Donna Mayer and Donna Mayer Revocable Trust to Village of Roseville, Harrison, .398 acres, exempt.

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