Commodore Bank to Valentine Masonry, Second Northwest Addition, Lots 781 and 782, $79,070.

Michael and Praesentia Able to Michelle Able, Township 18, Section 28, exempt.

Gregory J. and Sheila A. Hassig to Lesia Zaritska and Andriy Zaritskyy, Township 16, Section 3, $20,502.

Maria and Silas Larsen to John C. Gompf Family Trust, Township 12, Section 16, $17,000.

Dani L. Mann to Christopher and Jocelyn M. Thompson, Township 12, Section 27, Monroe Township, $120,000.

Chelsea and Scott C. Bryant to Chelsea and Scott C. Bryant, Township 15, Section 13, Jackson Township, exempt.

Deborah L. and Ralph J. Moore, Jr. to Moore Irrevocable Cornerstone Trust, Tara Moore, trustee, Township 15, Section 5, Pike Township, exempt.

John David and Sally A. Wolfe to Kevin A. Ratliff, Jr., Township 13, Section 8, Bearfield Township, $112,700.

Agri Soils Ltd. To Bruner Land Co., Inc., Township 17, Section 34,Madison Township, $175,900.50.

Renee L. Young to Fiore Property LLC, Feigly’s Addition, Lot 1888, New Lexington, $35,000.

Roger L. Luebcke to Roger L. Luebcke, Mark Farley and Andrew Pendleton, Township 13, Section 7, Pike and Bearfield townships, and easement, exempt.

Kaylob M. Dennis to Amber D. Allen, Lots 38-41, Moxahala, $83,000.

Gregory Wills to David R. and Jessica L. Senften, Township 15, Section 20, Monroe Township, $120,000.

Michelle R. and Wayne B. Blizzard to Marlene K. and Williamson E. Pittser, Township 16, Section 7, Reading Township, $440,000.

James A. and Lisa A. Theisen to Mary Ann Gastaldo, trustee, Mary Ann Gastaldo Family Trust, Heron Bay Amended, Lot 48, Thorn Township, $40,000.

Gary L. and Janet K. Shumaker to Gary L. and Janet K. Shumaker, Township 16, Section 26, Reading Township, exempt.

Gayla D. and Terry A. Shafer to Megan Gregory and Darren T. Scott, Township 17, Section 30, Hopewell Township, $150,000.

Chris B. and Kathryn N. Swinehart to Ashley A. and Heath M. Howdyshell, Township 15, Section 8, Pike Township, $280,000.

Gage A. Pacino and Jamie J. Saunders to Jamie J. Saunders, Township 15, Section 8, New Lexington and Pike Township, exempt.

Tammy Bush to Kyle Bush and Madalyn Stickdorn, Township 16, Section 15, Clayton Township, and easement, $150,000.

Dena C. Smith to Tyler J. Holcomb, Township 16, Section 25, Readng Township, $220,000.

Sally J. Wyrick to Antoinette and Daniel H. Klos, Wolfe’s Addition, Lot 199, Junction City, $42,000.

Elizabeth A. Doss too Jonathan Forney, Township 12, Section 15, Corning, $13,000.

Joseph A. and Lillane Langwasser to James Cooperrider, Thornville, $75,000.

Billie Jean and Gary William Ball to Alexander Krasovec, Township 16, Sections 4, 5 and 8, Clayton Township, $258,000.

Perry County Land Reutilization Corporation to Darren Boyer, Lots 156-158, Junction City, exempt.

Jesse and Rhonda Yates to Jessica R. Sturgill and Rhonda Yates, McKeever’s 4th Addition, Lots 719 and 720, Crooksville, exempt.

Judy Ann, Michael K. and Michael K. Williamson, Sr. to Judy Ann and Michael K. Williamson, Sr., Township 14, Section 21, Harrison Township, exempt.

Andrea L. Ferguson to James L. and Kati Deerfield, Lot 66, Somerset, $210,000.

Alice C. and Charles D. Forson to Deborah M. Daniels, Township 18, Section 17, Thorn Township, $258,000.

Cynthia Dubielak to Gerald F. II and Patricia L. Roth, Township 13, Section 30, Pleasant Township, $200,000.

Peter Raymond Hurlbut to Jaealyn Himes and Richard Wynkoop, Township 16, Section 35, Reading Township, $98,500.

Low Cost Cars of Ohio, Inc. to ASB Property Group LLC, Thornville, $110,000.

Diane Boyd, trustee, Nash Keystone Inheritance Trust to Kevin Board, Mellwood Addition, Lots 71 and 72, New Lexington, $235,000.

Larry D. Perry and Perry County auditor to Perry County Land Reutilization Corporation, Burley & Winter Addition, Lot 33, Crooksville, exempt.

Patricia S. Weed to Casey E. Slive and Terrence Traster, Township 14, Section 10, Monday Creek, $431,500.

Chelsea Spohn to Robert and Sandra Love Altier, Huston’s Addition, Lot 142, New Lexington, $113,150.

George F. and Jeanne Allen to Jody S. Doss, Edminston’s Addition, Lots 101-103, Junction City, $84,800.

Angela Lynn and Mark Wesley Allen to Matthew W. Allen, Township 13, Section 7, Bearfield Township, and easement, exempt.

Ryan Murnane to Raymond E. Posch, Lot 28, New Straitsville, Coal Township, $8,000.

Jennifer L. and Roger D. Barker to Stephani M. and William T. Agosta, Jr., Sayre Subdivision, Lot 2, Sayre, $77,000.

Perry County Land Reutilization Corporation to Larry Rosser, Jr., Burley & Winter Addition, Lot 33, Crooksville, exempt.

James A. and Lisa A. Theisen to Jennifer Harris, Mellwood Addition, Lot 35, New Lexington, $174,000.

Michael R. Taylor to Michael R. and Carolyn Taylor, New Salem Farms, Lot 24, Thorn Township, exempt.

Beth A., Eric C. and Raimonda Braddock to Jeffrey II and Ruth Longhenry, New Lexington Woods, Lot 2, Jackson Township, $25,000.

Marsha R. McLaughlin to Corina A. and David L. Wells, Bona-Via subdivision, Lot 6, Thorn Township, $25,000.

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