Judge Luann Cooperrider


Kevin Bernard Shively, Thornville, to Nicole Ana Nield, Reynoldsburg.

Devin Tylor Hillyer, New Lexington, to Tierra Nichole Waugh, McArthur.

Samantha Jo Fitz, Crooksville, to Garrick Bryce Sayers, Crooksville.


Elsie Robinson, New Lexington.

Wendy Kathleen Riffle, Somerset, attorney: Jan Allen Baughman, Esq.

Court News

Judge Cooperrider heard three new estates, one wrongful death settlement, two final account hearings and one disinter (moving of a grave) this week.

Judge Cooperrider participated in the evening meeting regarding lack of Broadband Internet and how that affects the mental health of children and families in Southeastern Ohio. The meeting was sponsored by the Heath and Rural Broadband Town Hall.

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