Judge Luann Cooperrider

Judge Cooperrider is a member of the Ohio Probate Law and Procedure Committee through the Ohio Judicial Conference. The committee held a Zoom meeting and is working on legislation passed and suggested by the Ohio Legislature that affects probate court. The committee is currently working on electronic wills.

Estates filed

• Karen Lyn Casey, Rushville.

• Virginia R. Ellis, New Lexington.

• Albert Mills, Corning.

• James Russell Lee, Sacramento, Calif.

• James Benjamin Chapman, Junction City.

• Gerald W. Hoshor, Thornville.

• Clyde K. Roush, Thornville.

• Timothy Shane Norris, New Lexington.

• Paul E. Howdyshell, Logan.

• William Bailey, Mount Perry.

• Paul W. Oberhauser, Somerset.

• Mabel Margaret Latta, New Lexington.

• Pamela L. Therrien, nNew Lexington.

• Hattie A. Hughes, Mount Perry.

• Perry E. Hughes, Mount Perry.

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