Judge Luann Cooperrider


Clinton L. Baker, Crooksville, attorney: Ryan H. Linn.

Ronald E. Wilson, Crooksville, attorney: Kyle S. Witucky.

John Toth, Amesville, attorney: Michael Nolan.

Mickey Diane Jackson, Crooksville, attorney: Jan Allen Baughman, Esq.


Nicole Allison, Glenford, to Chelsie Crist, Glenford.

Amy Dawn Carpenter, New Lexington, to Robert Francis Kunkler, New Lexington.

Stacy Renee Wilson, Crooksville, to Christopher James Forester, Crooksville.

Court News

Judge Cooperrider heard one guardianship case, one inventory case and performed four weddings this week.

Judge Cooperrider signed a search warrant for the Perry County Drug Task Force regarding a drug investigation in the Somerset area. The warrant was signed Tuesday evening.

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