Judge Luann Cooperrider


Max J. Willison Sr., Port Orange, Fl., attorney: Rose M. Fox, Esq.

Roy A. DeLong Sr., Corning, attorney: Joseph A. Flautt, Esq.

John Thomas Crossan, Somerset, attorney: Joseph A. Flautt, Esq.

Sally J. Myer, New Lexington, attorney: Terry J. Rugg, Esq.

Fern Starling, Corning, attorney: Cindy M. O’Neil, Esq.


Adam Jeffrey Wahl, Blue Rock, to Shelby Lynn Garey, Corning.

Court News

The probate court this week held hearings for an appointment in an estate, one inventory hearing, one guardianship, one final account and one insolvency hearing for an estate. Judge Cooperrider also heard three adoptions.

Judge Cooperrider participated in a statewide telephone conference of Probate Judges. The conference call was in regards to probate law and procedures. Judge Cooperrider sits on the Ohio Judicial Conference Probate Law and Procedure Committee.

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