Judge Luann Cooperrider


Larry A. Reed, New Lexington.

Frances R. Miller Jr., New Straitsville.

Freda D. Hiles, New Lexington, attorney: Cindy M. O’Neil, Esq.


Jesse Scott Harvey, Shawnee, to Nicole Ashley Hartman, Nelsonville.

Court News

The Probate Court this week heard two name changes for minor children. Three final accounts for estates were also heard. Judge Cooperrider and court administration Martina Brown participated in the daily briefings held for Perry County by the health department, commissioners, EMA and other vital services for Perry County. Judge Cooperrider and the Juvenile Court and Probate Court will remain open. The Probate Court will have access through one door with all people participating in hand washing.

Judge Cooperrider feels it is important to remain open to protect the children and families of Perry County.

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