CROOKSVILLE — The Lady Ceramics took their first win of the season in a non-league game over the Jackson Ironladies on Dec. 2, 54-46.

With McKenna Headley plowing around defenders on the inside, she gained six points by three layups to give her Lady Ceramics six points.

Jailynn Welch took her time on the outside of the arc, knowing she was quicker than the five-foot, 11-inch defender she had.

Welch drained a three-pointer from behind the paint to ascend the score up for her Lady Ceramics to nine, while Jackson was only able to gain six points in the first quarter.

Crooksville’s offensive scoring had no slow down as Welch continued to get nothing but net in the second quarter with another flawless three-pointer shot.

Instead of Headley this quarter, Ronni Nelson, despite her size, worked around Jackson to gain two points in a field goal from the inside.

Before Grace Frame added another layup, she took her wide stance on the foul line and made one of two attempts.

Headley had only shots from the foul line in the second, completing two of four.

At the half, Crooksville had the 19-14 lead.

Jackson tried a repetitive tactic when they came out in the second half with their quick passing around the arc to their tallest player, who would then attempt a corner shot.

The third quarter was when the plague of fouls began for both teams as Crooksville had 12 attempts total, and Jackson had only four.

Frame and Welch each made one from the blocked line, and Karley Hampton and Headley made their two attempts.

Frame was able to add three more layups before her chance at the foul line, and Hampton added one as well.

Headley decided her points were going to be made from behind the paint in the third quarter as she drained a three-pointer to bring her Lady Ceramics’ third-quarter scoring to 17 over Jackson’s 10.

Crooksville was heading into the final quarter with a 36-24 lead.

The fourth quarter was nothing but going back and forth, from net to net, due to so many fouls for each team.

Despite all the fouls, Nelson had a three-pointer and Frame added a layup.

Frame had much practice with free throws as she had eight chances from the foul line, and Headley had six.

The Ironladies had six attempts from the foul line, but not before they had two three-pointers and five inside-the-paint field goals.

In the last two minutes of play, Jackson was down but took the 43-43 tie with a field goal before, yet another, foul was called.

With that foul shot, Jackson took their first lead all game, 44-43.

Nelson then added her three-pointer to give her Lady Ceramics the 46-44 lead.

Headley then gained possession from Jackson’s and shot her layup, but missed; yet Frame was there for the rebound and tossed it back up for two more points.

Back on Jackson’s side of the court, Frame got a foul called for her and made two for two from the line to get a 50-44 lead.

Right after, Frame took another foul and made two more shots for a 52-44 lead.

Jackson added another layup before their scoring was over, but then fouled against Headley who then went two for two from the line for the 54-46 win.


Games Statistics

Jailynn Welch: 7 Points

Ronni Nelson: 5 Points

Grace Frame: 20 Points

Karley Hampton: 5 Points

McKenna Headley: 17 Points

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