Trentan Cottrell

Trenten Cottrell throws a pass in Crooksville’s 7-on-7 session.

JOHNSTOWN – The Ceramics football team headed up north for their first 7-on-7 session at Northridge High School on July 16.

Crooksville was joined by the host Vikings and KIPP Columbus.

Each school would rotate between offense and defense. The offense would run ten plays and only had five seconds to execute.

“These are good reps for us,” Head Coach Casey Vallee said. “We have some veterans, but we have some guys that haven’t been on the field in these spots. We lost a couple of key pieces in the backfield, and we have a couple of good guys on the outside, so this is good for us.”

After losing a few pieces in the backfield, normal quarterback Noah Dickerson saw reps at the running back position.

After the way last season went, Vallee is happy that things are returning to a state of normalcy.

“Last year was very awkward,” Vallee said. “7-on-7s we had to do a couple with ourselves, which is tough to do. We’re out here full speed now, getting to see competition, and it’ll go along way. We have three or four scheduled in the next couple of weeks and getting the reps in is the main things.”

It feels amazing [to be back],” Ethan Sprankle added. “After last year, I don’t want that again. I want full stands again and last year was terrible.”

Crooksville also has high hopes for this upcoming season after a strong run last year.

“I feel like we had a pretty decent run last year and this year it’s going to be even better.” Sprankle said.

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