Sheridan Gymnasts Thomas Worthington

The Lady Generals took the first-place spot on the podium in their recent meet at Thomas Worthington High School.

WORTHINGTON — As the Lady Generals are looking ahead in the season to the district meet on Feb. 22, they took the chance to rest some routines, yet still claim a win in their meet at Thomas Worthington on Feb. 12.

Rylee Rodich and Sarah Snider took a break in some events, but still competed in others to assist their Lady Generals.

On the bars, the five Lady Generals who did compete took top 10 spots; Keegan Hogan, Shannon Hogan, Madison Snider, Emily Bobo and Bianca Covert.

Madison took gold with an 8.20, Keegan was in second with an 8.10 and Bobo and Covert tied for third with their 8.00 scores.

Shannon found herself in the sixth-place spot.

Sheridan repeated their fierce fighting in on the bars as five of their six gymnasts made top 10.

Sitting in first was Sarah with an 8.90, and in second was Madison with an 8.85.

Keegan took third with her 8.60 with Covert following in fourth.

Bobo took sixth place and Shannon also competed on the bars.

Although no Lady General took gold on the beam, they had a few ties for top placements.

Madison and Bobo tied for silver with an 8.30 each, Sarah and Covert tied for fourth with their 8.15 scores, and Keegan and Shannon tied for the fifth-place spot.

Bethany Severance also competed on the beam for Sheridan.

Rodich came out to compete on floor and took first with a 9.30.

Keegan found second place with an 8.95 and Sarah was n third with her 8.90.

Bobo took fifth with an 8.50, Shannon took sixth with an 8.45 and Madison scored an 8.15.

Severance also competed on the floor for Sheridan.

Head coach Elizabeth Sprout reported they were using the meet to rest some bodies and water down some routines to keep the pounding on the girls’ bodies to a minimum.

Even taking their competition down a notch, the Lady Generals showed that they are undeniably one of the best teams.

The Lady Generals will go to the district meet on Feb. 22 at Worthington Kilboune High School.

All-Around Scores: Keegan Hogan 33.45, second place; Shannon Hogan 31.05, fifth place; Madison Snider 33.50, first place; Emily Bobo 32.10, third place; Bianca Covert 32.05, fourth place; TEAM TOTALS vault 32.30, bars 33.85, beam 32.90, floor 35.65, All-Around 134.70, first place.

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