Josie Crabtree

Josie Crabtree goes up for the kill in the second set Sept. 9 against Belpre.

CORNING — In three sets, Miller’s Lady Falcons dominated the court against Belpre on Sept. 9.

The first set was a close battle between Miller and the Golden Eagles, but Miller came out on top 25-23.

Miller used strategy during their set to push the ball over the net for points.

Josie Crabtree was having some trouble with her spikes being too powerful, as they kept going out-of-bounds.

Belpre held the lead as Miller could not find their groove, but the Lady Falcons caught up with them at 15, then tied again at 17 and 18.

The teams were neck-and-neck for each point, going back-and-forth between who scored it.

Miller found the tie at 23 again, then took the lead for the 24th point.

They gained their 25th point on a serve unreturned.

Crabtree found her power down in the second set, which was what Miller needed to take the second-set win 25-14.

The Lady Falcons kept gaining points on Belpre’s mistakes and once Miller took the lead in points early on, they kept it all the way through.

The third set brought about the reign of Taylor Hinkle as she gained eight points right off the bat because Belpre could not defend her serves.

Her reign continued during the second half of the set as Belpre faced the same issue with Miller’s rotation.

Miller’s student section started a clap to keep the atmosphere up, and Miller’s bench and fans joined in to put pressure on Belpre and watch their Lady Falcons take the third-set win 25-9.

Miller’s junior varsity took the two-set sweep over Belpre, 25-19 and 25-11.

Match Statistics


Josie Crabtree: 1 Ace, 2 Digs, 15 Kills

Alaina Boyden: 6 Aces, 3 Digs, 25 Assists, 3 Kills

Taylor Hinkle: 12 Aces, 25 Points, 2 Digs, 4 Kills

Jace Agriesti: 2 Aces

Brooke Dillenger: 4 Aces

Junior Varsity

Katie Palmer: 2 Aces, 6 Assists

Shainna Greenich: 3 Aces, 1 Assist

Emma Joseph: 1 Ace, 3 Kills

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