SOUTH ZANESVILLE — The Generals continued their rolling success of titles with their boys taking the MVL title, the first since 2011, in a 71- 67 overtime win over the Maysville Panthers on Feb. 11.

With Luken Hill and Landen Russell doing their usual patterns inside the arc, Nate Johnson was left to do his one job of corner scoring for three points.

Along with one free throw from Malone, he, Shay Taylor and Logan Ranft were coming together below the net for a total of 18 points for the Generals in the first quarter.

Maysville did not back down their offense. They got the chance to witness Sheridan’s strength early on in the season with their 59-47 loss on Sheridan’s home court.

The Panthers came out with vengeance as they threw up the same amount of points in the first with four shots in the two-point range, and two more added on by Kaiden Hartman from a little further back.

With a tie on the board, Sheridan had a little wall ahead of them as Maysville didn’t break down and threw 14 more points on the board for a halftime lead, 32-25.

In their second quarter, Johnson and Hunter Yakes teamed up for the three-point combinations.

The Generals came out after the half with more strength, knowing that the MVL title was on the line.

With Johnson having two three-point drains, separated by a quick two-point shot, the Generals had Hill and Russell for help with the other layups and field goals.

All three players, along with Malone’s two from the charity line, totaled 20 for the third to close up the gap.

Maysville had two three-point swishes from Hartman, and four more field goals form four more players.

With their 16 points, they still held down that three-point lead, 48-45 over the Generals.

Sheridan took advantage of Maysville’s mistakes in the final quarter with six attempts from the foul line, going five for seven from Hill and Johnson.

They had their individual field goals as well, along with one from Russell.

Their defense held the Panthers to eight points, six of which were from the free-throw line.

With a score of 56 all, the game was going into overtime, which made the MVL title that more exciting.

Maysville started the overtime quarter with three layups, followed by a three-point drain from Adam Almstead.

Sheridan faulted with one foul on Ethyn McClelland to give him two from the charity line, but that wasn’t enough to stop Sheridan’s offensive determination.

Maysville had more faults on themselves with seven fouls against the Generals, giving them eight for 13 shots.

Russell and Yakes shot for two from ranges inside the arc. Malone got his chance outside of the paint for a three-point drain to seal the deal with 15 total points and a four-point victory.

Sheridan 71, Maysville 67

Sheridan 18 7 20 11 15 — 71

Maysville 18 14 16 8 11 — 67


Luken Hill 6 7-12 19, Landen Russell 6 1-2 13, Shay Taylor 1 0-2 2, Nate Johnson 6 2-2 18, Logan Ranft 1 4-7 6, Hunter Yakes 2 0-0 5, Ethan Malone 2 3-5 8, TOTALS 24 17-30 71; 3-pt field goals 6


Mason Swauger 3 2-3 8, Quentin Stottsberry 4 4-4 12, Kaiden Hartman 9 1-4 25, Adam Almstead 3 0-0 8, Hayden Jarrett 1 0-0 2, Kaiden Kerby 1 3-4 5, Logan Smith 2 3-4 7, TOTALS 23 13-19 67; 3-pt field goals: 8

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