Sheridan Wrestling 2019/20

The 2019/20 Sheridan Generals’ wrestling team.

NELSONVILLE — With an overall team placement in the top ten, the Sheridan Generals took their strong competition to the mats of Nelsonville-York for multiple wrestler placements.

In the first round, Sheridan had Alexander Crane as their front-runner, with Dacota Harris and Aiden Bennett at the ready.

Harris took the mat first in the 106-weight class to face a loss-by pin in just a little more than one minute to his Legacy Christian opponent.

Two matches later, Bennet lost by pin as well to his Jonathan Alder opponent in a minute and a half.

Alexander Crane was the lone winner of the weight class with a one-minute and 40-second pin on Nelsonville-York’s Coalton Flowers.

Harris got the better end of the match in the second round with a pin on his opponent in just under four minutes.

Bennett still could not find a win in his match when he lost by a pin in 11 seconds.

Crane stayed strong with another win-by-pin on Bloom-Carroll’s Dominic Keefe in a 3:04 time.

Harris and Bennet both were pinned in the third round of their pool, and Crane stayed undefeated in his pool with another win-by-pin in 32 seconds.

With second place in his pool, Harris took to the brackets and fell by pin in two minutes.

Harris fell to the lower bracket and took the technical-fall loss, 15-0.

Crane won out of the sixth round, 6-0 decision, for a seventh-round faceoff and took the 6-0 decisioned loss for a second-place overall placement.

In the 113-weight class, Drew Boyer was the front-runner for the Generals with Hunter Wallis ready to go.

In the first round, Boyer took a first-match loss to Gallia Academy’s Todd Elliott in a three-minute and 16-second pin.

Wallis did not have much more luck as he fell by a pin too in 22 seconds.

Two more losses fell upon Wallis, both by pins to miss brackets.

Boyer took a loss in his second match by a 9-0 major decision. His third-round win by a 51-second pin was not enough for the bracket rounds though.

Carter Mottley was the lone General in the 120-pound weight class, going 3-0 in his pool.

He took the first round by a 10-6 decision, the second round by a 49-second pin and the third round by a 5:28 time pin.

With a first-place seed, Mottley faced off in the sixth round with Legacy Christian’s Boede Campbell.

He took the technical fall loss, 17-1, and had more bad luck with a 9-0 major decisioned loss in the placement round, but still stood on the podium in fourth place.

Luke Snider (132) faced off for Sheridan in his weight class, going 3-0 in his pool with three straight wins by pins.

He fell in the sixth round, the bracket round, by a one-minute pin, but came back in the final round for a 5-2 decision win over Jonathan Alder’s Oliver Byerly to take third place overall.

In the 145-weight class, Sheridan’s senior, Devon Factor, dominated in his pool with three straight wins by pins.

In the brackets, Factor powered through to take the 7-3 decisioned win. He took the major decision 9-1 loss in the final round to settle in second place overall.

Jacob Ramey (152) faced off in his weight class pool to settle with the third-place seed after one 22-second win by pin and a pin and a major decision loss to miss brackets.

In the 160-weight class, Jordan Barnett took first in his pool with two pinned wins and a technical-fall win, 20-4.

In the sixth round, Barnett defeated his Waterford opponent with a 43-second pin, but fell in the final round by a 4-3 decision to take silver in his weight class.

Hunter Zizek (170) took on the weight class and accepted the hard fourth-place seed in his pool with three straight losses: 8-3 decision, 6-4 decision and 2:35 pin.

Logan Morris (285) was the heavyweight competitor for Sheridan with a first-place seed in his pool after three victories.

In the first three round, Morris had a 5:15 pin win, 49-second pin win and a 5:14 pin win.

In the first round of brackets, the sixth round all together, Morris defeated Maysville’s Gauge Samson in a 4-3-tiebreaker match.

He was in the final placement round when he took the touch 4-1 decision loss to Washington’s Mason Mustain and settle in second-place overall.

With six Generals taking placements on the day, Sheridan totaled 151 points for a fifth-place finish.

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