McCONNELSVILLE — Staying inside the paint was the tactic that propelled the Ceramics over the Morgan Raiders in a 68-48 win on Jan. 7.

To rack up points, Morgan was draining as many three-point shots as they could, but with two layups from Tyler Rambo and Caden Sparks, the Ceramics used Caden Miller as their strength with his seven first-quarter field goals.

Crooksville’s defense began to hold Morgan in the second, allowing them to only 11 points while they racked up to 16.

Miller slowed his pace and had only two layups, along with Sparks.

After another field goal from Colt White, he and Rambo began the three-pointer swishes.

At the half, the Ceramics had the comfortable lead of 34-26, but Morgan kept closing that gap.

When the third came, the Raiders gained multiple layups from a variety of players, but Miller and Rambo were back-to-back with their scores.

Miller went two for two with foul shots, while also staying strong below the net for three more field goals.

Rambo was three for three with foul shots while getting two inside-the-paint field goals and one easy shot from behind the arc.

Brayden Cavinee had the opportunity to add two more points and was successful, also with White’s three-pointer, the Ceramics had a 57-39 lead.

Morgan seemed to have lost their motivation in the final quarter, scoring below 10 points, but the Ceramics were running on free-throw fuel with completed shots from White (3-4), Miller (1-5) and Sparks (1-2).

White mixed in two more layups among his free throws, and Sparks was able to have two points before he took his chance at the foul line.

Miller was the leading scorer for the Ceramics with 27 points.


Game Statistics

Brayden Cavinee: 1 two-point FG; 2 Points

Colt White: 3 three-point FG, 2 two-point FG, 3-4 FT; 15 Points

Caden Miller: 12 two-point FG, 3-7 FT; 27 Points

Tyler Rambo: 3 two-point FG, 2 three-point FG, 3-3 FT; 15 Points

Blake White: 0-1 FT

Caden Sparks: 4 two-point FG, 1-4 FT; 9 Points

Team Totals: 23 two-point FG, 4 three-point FG, 10-19 FT; 68 Points

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