Lee Osborn

Lee Osborn took second with a time of 10:59.

CROOKSVILLE — The Ceramics hosted a quick two-mile race on Oct. 7, one which involved an exciting showdown between the top runners at New Lexington and the top runners at Crooksville.

The high school girls took the first-place spot at a team. The Lady Panthers finished the race in spots one, three, five, seven and 12.

The Lady Panthers had a team score of 28 (1-3-5-7-12).

Crooksville girls took fourth place as a team. In the top 10 runners, only one Lady Ceramics took a spot.

The Lady Ceramics had a team score of 90 with their finishes of 9-18-20-21-22.

New Lexington’s Sydney Hambel took first with a time of 12:11. The second place runner from Morgan crossed the line at 13:17. Not long after, at the time of 13:24, New Lexington’s Emma Abrams crossed the finish line.

A Lady Raider took the fourth-place spot as well, and a Philo runner took sixth place between New Lexington’s Kim Kellogg (14:11) in fifth place and Grace Baker (14:25) in seventh place.

Another Lady Raider crossed the finish line in eighth place before Crooksville’s Samantha Reed took the ninth-place finish with a time of 15:30.

An Oakstone runner took the last top 10 finish with a time of 15:39.

Morgan (41) and Philo (58) took the team spots of second and third.

For the boys’ race, Crooksville’s Lee Osborn had it locked up for the win, but being beat by .08 seconds knocked him into second place.

Morgan’s Caleb Jacomet had the fist-place time of 10:51 with Osborn in second with a time of 10:59.

Philo and Morgan had the third and fourth-place runners, and New Lexington’s Darek Pyle gave himself a top five finish for fifth place with a time of 11:28.

Morgan split the gap between Pyle and Crooksville’s Blaze Hunter.

Hunter took sixth with an 11:55 time, followed by New Lexington’s Eli McCord with a time of 12:05.

The Raiders rounded out the final two spots for the top 10 finishers.

Morgan took first place as a team with a score of 21 and Crooksville claimed second with a score of 45 (2-5-9-13-16). Oakstone took third.

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