THORNVILLE — Sheridan and New Lexington collided once again on the basketball court with each having a different goal for the night. Sheridan wanted a comeback victory after New Lexington knocked them out of the playoffs last season and New Lexington wanted to stay on top of the county rivalry.

Sheridan was the one to get their wish on Dec. 15 with a 48-42 overtime win over the Panthers.

It was a tough fight from the very beginning with both teams ending at six points after the first quarter.

New Lexington’s six came from Logyn Ratliff, Hunter Kellogg and Braden Agriesti each throwing up a layup.

Sheridan’s six points came from Landen Russell and Ethan Malone shooting two-point field goals and Kaelan Pulliam going 2-2 from the foul line.

The Panthers outscored Sheridan in the second quarter with 11 points from Logyn and Kellogg each getting a layup, along with Agriesti.

Agriesti went 2-2 from the foul line and Brady Hanson had the three-points swish for 17 points at the buzzer.

Sheridan was leaning on Malone for the two layups, along with Russell’s one.

Reed Coconis matched Hanson with a long three-point drain for a 15-17 score, New Lexington leading at the half.

The Panthers came out with more grit in the second half with Logyn leading the way through with two field goals and a three.

His brother, Lukas Ratliff, was below the net with two, as well as Agriesti to keep the Panthers in the lead.

Sheridan fell behind with 24 points totaled in the third from four layups from Russell (2), Malone (1) and Logan Ranft (1).

Malone also went 1-2 from the free-throw line for Sheridan’s 24 score.

The fourth quarter was where one saw two teams fighting on defense to hold their opponents to as little of points as they could.

Sheridan took the upper hand in the fourth quarter to outscore New Lexington 11-7.

New Lexington was at only five points throughout most of the fourth from two layups combined from the Ratliff brothers, along with a foul shot from Lukas.

Sheridan had Russell, Malone, Ranft and Coconis each getting under the net for field goals.

Russell had one, Malone had two, Ranft had one, as did Coconis. Russell also went 1-2 on free throws.

It was 33-35 with Sheridan ahead, but a buzzer over-the-head, one-handed shot from Logyn tied the Panthers at 35-35 for an overtime night.

The final four minutes fell to Logyn holding the offense for his Panthers with his seven points to finish New Lexington’s scoring.

When it came to Sheridan’s offense, how many foul shots is too many? Coconis answered that as he went 7-8 in free throws in the final two minutes of play.

Along with his seven points, Russell went 2-4 with a layup and Ranft added two from below the net as well for Sheridan to take the upper hand in the first matchup between the county rivals in a 48-42 game.

The Panthers had Logyn as their leading scorer with 22 points. Sheridan’s leading scorer was Russell with 15 points.

Sheridan 28, New Lexington 42

Sheridan 6 9 9 11 13 — 48

New Lexington 6 11 11 7 7 — 42


Landen Russell 6 3-6 15, Ethan Malone 6 1-2 13, Logan Ranft 3 0-2 6, Kaelan Pulliam 0 2-2 2, Reed Coconis 2 7-9 12, TOTALS 17 13-21 48; 3-pt field goals: 1


Brady Hanson 1 0-0 3, Logyn Ratliff 10 0-3 22, Lukas Ratliff 2 1-2 5, Hunter Kellogg 2 0-0 4, Braden Agriesti 3 2-2 8, TOTALS 18 3-7 42; 3-pt field goals: 3

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