Luke Carpenter

Luke Carpenter

DUNCAN FALLS — Sheridan boys settled in the 2-2 tie against the Electrics on Oct. 13 with goals from Jim Swain and Isaac Jarrett.

Sheridan totaled 16 shots to the goal for their offensive strategy over Philo, and leading in those shots was Jarrett with seven, one being in the net.

Josiah Hamilton had four shots against Philo's goalie and Michael Eckelberry and Jim Swain each added two more, but Swain had one lucky shot.

Hunter Wallis and Isaac McKinney each added another shot of their own against the Electrics.

In Sheridan's net, Luke Carpenter had 16 saves for the night. In the backfield and helping Carpenter were Hamilton and Hunter Frame.

The first half was tied at 1-1 and the second half repeated the score.

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