THORNVILLE — The Lady Generals found a dominating 58-17 victory over the Lady Tornadoes of West Muskingum on Jan. 8 for head coach J.D. Walters’ 100th career win.

Sheridan gave only one chance to West Muskingum for them to get points on the board in the first quarter.

With two missed foul shots, the Lady Generals were racking up their field goals for 21 points after the first eight minutes.

Faith Stinson was throwing up layup after layup with five completed, and Aubrie White had three, along with a foul shot.

Bailey Beckstedt added one more field goal in, as well as Adrienne Spicer, to complete a hard push of a start.

With two layups, the Lady Tornadoes started a little bit of offensive scoring, but their mistake of fouling consistently on Stinson gave Sheridan more than 10 points on the quarter.

Stinson, 3-4 on foul shots, also stayed below the net for another two points.

Beckstedt was the driving force down the court for two more field goals, and Sara Robinette found another layup for a nice 32-4 lead at the half.

West Muskingum’s top scorer took two more points from Sheridan as she completed two shots from the foul line in the third.

After an almost-frozen West Muskingum offense for the third, Sheridan spanned out their scoring to Stinson, Beckstedt, Grace Conrad and Gabby Carpico.

Stinson was totaling her game score with six more points from three field goals, Beckstedt totaled her game scoring with another two points, and Carpico gained her game scoring of two points.

Conrad started off her quarter with a drained shot from behind the arc, and then ended her quarter scoring with a layup.

The Lady Generals gave some leeway to the Lady Tornadoes, allowing them to throw up their highest team score of the game with 11.

With a two-point shot from Abby Dupler and two three-point drains from Kinze Miller, the Lady Generals added three more points from free throws from Spicer (1-2) and Robinette (2-2) to complete their 41-point win.

Stinson was the leading scorer for Sheridan with 21 points.


Game Statistics

Faith Stinson: 9 two-point FG, 3-4 FT; 21 Points

Aubrie White: 3 two-point FG, 1-1 FT; 7 Points

Bailey Beckstedt: 4 two-point FG; 8 Points

Grace Conrad: 1 two-point FG, 1 three-point FG; 5 Points

Abby Dupler: 1 two-point FG; 2 Points

Gabby Carpico: 1 two-point FG; 2 Points

Kinze Miller: 2 three-point FG; 6 Points

Adrienne Spicer: 1 two-point FG, 1-2 FT; 3 Points

Sara Robinette: 1 two-point FG, 2-2 FT; 4 Points

Team Totals: 21 two-point FG, 3 three-point FG, 7-9 FT; 58 Points

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