Bailey Beckstedt and Jerilynn Koehler

Bailey Beckstedt goes up against New Lexington’s Jerilynn Koehler at the net.

THORNVILLE — In the Perry County rivalry, Sheridan had the upper hand and took the three-set win over the Lady Panthers, but it wasn’t without a third-set motivated and unexpected fight from New Lexington.

On Thursday evening, the Lady Generals were keeping their undefeated rhythm with a quick 12-9 lead over New Lex, which turned into 15-10 even quicker.

Sheridan’s Brooklyn Heller and Ally Perkins were teaming up trying to figure out Aubri Spicer on the other side of the net as New Lexington’s power.

They blocked her hits, and Heller backfired as Sheridan’s outside power with a hard enough hit that it bounced off of New Lexington’s block and into their dead zone.

Sheridan had a large 20-12 lead at the second timeout of the set. The Lady Panthers brought out Braya Jones in the back to dig Cassie Amore’s kills from Sheridan’s middle net. Those digs brought about a defensive volley between the rivals, which gave the point to Sheridan in the end.

Spicer added on more kill to get her Lady Panthers their final point of the set at 13. Sheridan had Perkins and Heller with kills and Amore with Heller for blocks to get the Lady Generals their 25-13 first-set win.

The second set was still frustrating for the Lady Panthers, but they showed their life halfway through the set with some defense that kept the gym screaming.

The set started as a battle between the hitter height on both teams, Jerilynn Koehler and Faith Stinson.

Koehler got the first point of the set, and Stinson tipped for the tie. Stinson added another kill for Sheridan to pull ahead to 4-3 and before long, Sheridan was up 10-3.

McKenna Pingle got New Lex to five points, and Perkins got Sheridan to 11 points.

The excitement of the night came with the defensive talent shows. New Lexington was dropping down for digs from Heller and Perkins hits, and New Lex’s blocks against the hit from Amore got the ball to go out of bounds.

The next volley was immediately after and brought about Sheridan and New Lexington athletes throwing their bodies to get the saves for points.

After the excitement ended, Sheridan still had the momentum on their side with 20-12 lead. The set was fast-paced most definitely, but Stinson slowed it down with another opposite-side tip for Sheridan’s 21st point.

Abby Dupler ended the set with another strategic tip to New Lexington’s unguarded territory for the 25-12 set win.

The third set started out as the second did, the Stinson and Koehler battle. It came down to miscommunication on who gets the tip on New Lexington’s side for Sheridan to find their comfortable lead at 4-2.

New Lexington was fierce at the net with blocks then, and Bailee Agriesti found her power in a kill.

Dupler answered with a kill of her own, followed by an opposite side tip for the 7-2 score.

Spicer stepped back up with her attempt at breaking through the blocking wall that was Heller and Amore, but at the first timeout of the set, Sheridan was leading 14-10.

The calm of the timeout brought hype to Stinson as she killed the way everyone knew she was able to with a straight shot down the net.

Koehler answered with a kill of her own to keep the battle between those two alive. She added an ace following for a score of 13-17, the Lady Generals leading.

Spicer resorted to tipping to get through the blocking wall Sheridan had against her, but the Lady Generals continued to increase to an 18-15 score.

A kill from Dupler put Sheridan to 19 points and a hard serve from New Lexington bounced off of Sheridan’s Kaley McCandlish’s dig. The bounce went straight back to the net for New Lex to tap it back over to Sheridan’s dead zone; they had caught up to a 19-18 score.

With miscommunication on Sheridan’s side, the score was finally tied at 20-20. A kill from Stinson was a point for Sheridan and an illegal substitution for the Lady Generals was a point for New Lex, 21-21.

Senior Grace Conrad tipped her set to get the 22nd point, then Dupler added a kill that bounced out of bounds off of Lydia Stephens’ dig.

Dupler had one more kill to get no. 24, and Sheridan quickly found their 25th point for the 25-21 win.

Sheridan took the two-set win over New Lexington at the junior varsity level. The set scores were 25-12 and 25-11.

On the freshman level, New Lexington fell in two sets to Sheridan, 13-25 and 18-25.

Match statistics



Grace Conrad: 7 kills; 24 assists; 6 digs; 100 percent serving

Kaley McCandlish: 14 digs; 7/7 serving

Abby Dupler: 11 kills; 2 digs

Faith Stinson: 7 kills; 2 blocks

Brooklyn Heller: 5 kills; 10 digs; 1 block

Bailey Beckstedt: 8 digs, 17/18 serves; 4 aces

Cassie Amore: 3 kills; 1 block; 1 ace

New Lexington

Lydia Stephens: 1 ace; 9 assists; 2 digs

Aubri Spicer: 3 blocks; 7 kills

Braya Jones: 1 ace; 1 kill; 5 digs

Bailey Metzger: 1 ace; 8 digs

Trinity Cook: 1 ace; 2 blocks; 3 digs

Junior varsity


Jamisyn Stinson: 6 kills; 1 dig; 3 aces

Kaelyn Moss: 4 kills; 7 digs; 4 aces

Ellen Pfahl: 3 kills; 5 digs

Kendyl Drury: 9 assists; 1 ace

New Lexington

Addee Straits: 4 assists; 3 digs

Abby Wilson: 2 blocks; 1 kill; 3 digs

Parina Patel: 4 digs


Reagan Davis: 1 kill; 100 percent serving; 5 aces

Emma Doherty: 5 kills

Addison Grosse: 5 kills

Madison Tingler: 7 digs; 100 percent serving; 2 aces

Jayden Dolby: 7 kills; 10 assists; 3 digs

New Lexington

Sydnie Harris: 3 aces; 2 digs

Abby Wilson: 1 ace; 2 blocks; 1 kill; 1 dig

Breona Bowen: 2 assists; 2 kills

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