Casey Vallee

Casey Vallee

CROOKSVILLE – After four seasons at the helm, Crooksville Head Coach Casey Vallee officially resigned on Dec. 13.

“This year was tough,” Vallee said. “I’m proud of the kids, proud of the staff for making it through… I’ve got to do what I do, I’m an (alumnus), and like I said, I’m a Ceramic.”

This year was tough indeed for the Ceramics, from losing the late Greg Williams last November, to then losing their home field before the season began. This culminated in the “season on the road,” where Crooksville played every game away. They finished 0-9 on the season.

“I made the comment that in four years the wins and losses weren’t the greatest, but also we didn’t have the greatest luck,” Vallee said. “Obviously this year was a disaster.”

Although they didn’t have the best season, Vallee is optimistic that the next coach will have some luck, as he certainly will have resources.

“They’ve got a new stadium coming,” Vallee said. “We’ve got some good kids coming up in the next year through our junior high system, and I’m just going to sit back and hopefully see some success.”

Although he won’t be the head football coach anymore, Vallee will still be head softball coach. The Lady Ceramics won their first ever MVL title last season and hosted the sectional title game.

Vallee is appreciative of the endless support from the community and school officials as well.

“I’m blessed to have the opportunity the last four years to coach my alma mater,” Vallee said. “I appreciate everything from the board of education and the administration, and totally respect our community for the support I’ve had the last four years… I’m a Ceramic and I will be until the day I die.”

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