THORNVILLE — The MVL season began with a head-to-head match between the top two teams predicted, Sheridan and Maysville.

The Lady Generals took on Maysville’s stacked team and took the win, 60- 47.

In the first quarter, the majority of Sheridan’s points were scored from the foul line because Maysville found no stopping point in fouling against the Lady Generals.

Faith Stinson and Grace Conrad were one for two on the foul line and Bailey Beckstedt went two for two.

Kendyl Mick, who already drained one from behind the arc, took her four chances at the foul line, one chance as a technical foul, and gave her Lady Generals three extra points.

Abby Dupler was the only Lady General to score from the inside of the arc with a field goal in the first.

Sheridan’s defense played cleanly and allowed only five points to the Lady Panthers to their 14.

Maysville found some momentum in the second quarter gaining up to 24 points, but Sheridan had a big-scoring quarter to bring their half score to 33.

Stinson found her groove on the inside to drain two field goals, and Mick found herself four field goals from the inside.

Aubrie White, with no pressure, stood behind the arc and swished an easy three points without a Maysville defender close to stopping her.

More points came from Beckstedt as she was a weapon on in the corner with another three points.

Fouls were scarce in the second, but Beckstedt made one of her two attempts, yet Gabby Carpico and Mick missed their attempts.

The Lady Panthers ascended their score by claiming some regular fouls in the second, but Sheridan took control again in the third.

Stinson claimed two and Mick claimed four from the foul line to bring their score up to 45 with Stinson and Mick’s three field goals combined.

With 45 points to Maysville’s 33, Sheridan could take a little bit of a breather in the final quarter, but did not stop their push down on the Lady Panthers.

Stinson, as Sheridan’s height, stayed on the inside for two layups, and Grace Conrad showed her speed around the inside corners for another layup and two points.

Mick chose to stay on the outside of the arc at the beginning to drain a three-pointer, then came on the inside to push through for another two.

Maysville, surprisingly, only fouled against one Lady General, Beckstedt, who took her four shots at the foul line and missed none.

With another 15 points added on, Sheridan claimed 60 points to the little extra Maysville gained, 47.

Stinson finished with the most rebounds for Sheridan at eight.

___________________Junior Varsity 37-25 Win

Macie Forgrave: 1 Free Throw, 1 two-point FG

Paige Fisher: 2 two-point FG

Kinzie Miller: 1 two-point FG, 1 Free Throw, 1 three-point FG

Kaelyn Moss: 1 two-point FG

Alexis Bradley: 2 two-point FG

Adrienne Spicer: 2 two-point FG

Sara Robinette: 1 three-point FG, 2 two-point FG

Maggie Finck: 2 two-point FG, 1 Free Throw

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