CROOKSVILLE — With the Ceramics celebrating their 100th year of Crooksville football, the season preparation is bringing excitement to the team, coaches and community.

The Friday Night Lights are coming up quick, and Crooksville is preparing with camps, lifts and team practices.

Head coach Casey Vallee said his Ceramics attended a seven-on-seven in Marietta two weeks ago, and their performance was outstanding.

“I was very pleased down there,” he said.

“We competed with larger schools well and we won our small school division.”

The Ceramics are currently enduring a two-week stint of early morning lifts, followed by mid-morning practices.

During the week, the team meets three or four times in the weight room, then heads to the practice field, where they continue to build up strength by pushing tires and build endurance by running sprints.

Out of a 45-man roster so far, Vallee said the turnout at workouts has been top notch with no less than 35 kids at a workout.

The 16-man senior group is serving as the leaders to the younger 12 freshmen, and a few players in the middle as sophomores and juniors.

According to Vallee, the seniors are the group people have been waiting on.

“They’ve been very successful, and they will help the people of Crooksville, seeing as it is a football town,” he said.

“We have good receivers and good athletes, we just have to get them all mixed in.”

“We are way further ahead than where we were last year though.”

Coach Vallee and his assistants are keeping the grind high with three more team camps.

The next camp will be at Lakewood High School where the Ceramics and Lancers will work together.

After that, Vallee said they are to travel to Alexander, then Washington, Pennsylvania.

In Washington, Crooksville is to practice one day with their high school, then do a seven-on-seven at the field the next day.

With their summer-long preparation, Vallee and his players are looking to bring Crooksville their 100-year celebration.

“Our team goal is to get seven wins and get to playoffs,” he said.

“It’s been 15 years in Crooksville, so people are anxious.”

To get to their goal, Vallee said they are just working everyday to stay healthy and keep everything simple.

For the celebration the Ceramics are predicting, they will have the helmets to go along with it as they have added a new look of more stars, and the original potter logo is returning to Crooksville’s uniform.

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