NEW LEXINGTON — The Panthers took their first season-win over Millersport in a 47-26 home game.

The Panthers began their domination in the first quarter with 17 points over Millersport’s eight.

The Lakers were only able to get two layups, a three-pointer and a free throw on the board.

Braden Agriesti threw up four layups to give his Panthers eight points, and Trey Kennedy added four more points with two field goals.

Logyn Ratliff had the best of both worlds with a layup and a drained shot from behind the paint after the misfortune of missing both free throw chances.

In a slow second quarter, New Lexington was held to only seven points to the Lakers’ two.

With only a layup on their side, New Lexington had no issue with Ratliff’s two layups and Will Stenson’s three-pointer.

At the half, the Panthers had the 24-10 lead.

New Lexington came out with fire in the second half by throwing up 13 points to Millersport’s nine.

Brady Hanson was the only to brave outside of the paint with a three-point drain, and Ratliff, Stenson and Agriesti each had a two-points field goal.

Luke Ratliff and Trey Kennedy each went one for two in their attempts on the foul line.

Logyn Ratliff completed his two free throws before he had his chance at a layup.

With a 37-19 lead on the board for New Lexington, they had a breather in the final quarter, but still managed to throw on 10 points to the Lakers’ seven.

Ratliff completed another two free throws before draining nothing but net in a behind-the-paint shot.

Hunter Kellogg and Agriesti each completed a two-point field goal, and Agriesti added another point by a foul shot before New Lexington’s scoring was over.


Game Statistics

Brady Hanson: 3 Points

Logyn Ratliff: 18 Points

Will Stenson: 5 Points

Hunter Kellogg: 2 Points

Luke Ratliff: 1 Point

Trey Kennedy: 5 Points

Braden Agriesti: 13 Points

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