SHAWNEE — Dog Warden Kerrie Taylor of the Perry County Dog Shelter announced on Facebook that a dog was given to her after someone saw the dog thrown out of a moving vehicle. The dog, Harley, was put down on Friday after suffering massive injuries.

Taylor received a phone call on Thursday night at around 10 p.m. from the Perry County Sheriff’s Office telling her that they had obtained a dog that was thrown out of a moving vehicle. The person who reported the incident told the sheriff’s office that the dog was thrown out of a red SUV in Shawnee.

The dog was then given to the Perry County Dog Shelter after the incident. Taylor stated that the dog was “stable” on Thursday night. She administered pain medication for Harley and stated that she was sitting up, eating and drinking Thursday night.

There was a dog collar on the dog when it was found; however, Harley had no tags or chips identifying who owned the animal. Taylor also stated that Harley was a mother because she was producing milk. There were no puppies found when Taylor went back to the scene of the incident.

Friday morning, Taylor took the dog to a local veterinary clinic to be looked at for her injuries. X-rays indicated that the dog had suffered broken hips and back. The dog also had a large wound on its left leg from being thrown out of the moving car.

After being looked at for injuries, Harley was humanely euthanized due to the severity of her injuries.

“We couldn’t help her,” Taylor told The Perry County Tribune. “There is no way to fix that.”

Taylor is investigating the specifics of what happened on Thursday night. The only information that she has is that a red SUV was responsible for abandoning the dog. She is requesting that if anyone has any information to please contact the Perry County Dog Shelter at 740-342-3795 or the Perry County Sheriff’s Office at 740-342-4123.

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